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Coral Gables Locksmith in Coral Gables, FL: Benefits of Home Safe

Have you ever thought about getting a safe for your home? There’s no time like the present! Can you imagine how you would feel if a burglar got into your home and stole some of your most valuable possessions? If only, right?

You don’t have to think about what ifs. Just call us at Coral Gables Locksmith in Coral Gables, FL and let us install that home safe for you. No matter what size or type of safe you are interested in, just let us know.

There are tremendous amounts of benefits that you can reap from a home safe. However, many people are not aware of some of these benefits. Make sure that you are informed so you can make the best choice regarding purchasing and installing your home safe. Want to find out some of the benefits that you can enjoy? Keep reading this article.

Get a Home Safe… You Won’t Regret it!

A lot of people wrestle with a very crucial question- Should I purchase a home safe? There is really nothing to think about. The answer is very clear and obvious. Yes! Everybody should have a home safe. It doesn’t matter how safe your neighborhood is and it doesn’t matter how many valuable items you have. A home safe is a very important security hardware feature to have in your home. Just call a locksmith in your area to find out more about getting a home safe.

Whether you own your home or you are just renting, make sure you have a safe to store all your valuables. If your landlord does not want to install a safe, don’t worry. There are many safes that do not require you to tear down walls or dig into the floor. Just make sure you find one that offers all the features that you consider important.

There are many types of safes that are designed especially for residential use.

  • Wall safes

    A lot of people tend to opt for wall safes when they are homeowners. It is a very convenient way to access your belongings and sometimes these safes can be hidden with wall paintings or other wall accessories. This way, you can keep them from being targets if a burglar gets inside your home.

    Wall safes come in many different sizes too. If you have a little wall space or a lot of wall space, you should be able to find a safe that is the perfect size for the space that you have. One of the major drawbacks to purchasing a wall safe is making sure that it can be installed in your wall. If you have very thin walls right throughout your home, a wall safe may not be a very good option for you.

  • Floor safes

    Although they are not as common as wall safes, floor safes are very valuable. In fact, many criminals may not think about floor safes when they rob your home. If you place that safe in a very inconspicuous location, no one will have to know that it even exists. Before you purchase a floor safe though, make sure that it can be installed into your floor.

  • Stand-alone units

    Some safes are designed so they do not need to be installed in a wall or floor. Instead, you can place these safes in any space that you have available. Although these safes are so portable, they are still very effective at keeping your valuables safe. How? They have a locking mechanism that is very effective. Plus, some of these safes are disguised to look like a random piece of art or furniture so it is disguised very well and you would have no idea that it is a safe.

So, There Are Different Types of Safes… But Why Should You Get One?

Everybody knows that safes are good for protecting items. But do you really know how much protection a safe really offers? Do you know all the things that your safe can protect your valuables from? Safes offer so much protection that the high price that you pay to purchase and install them are much more than worth it. Just look at some of the advantages of having a home safe.

  • It is a very convenient way of storing items

    Not everybody will store their valuables in one place. Sometimes you may even move some of these items around and forget where you had last placed them. If you use a home safe for storing these items, you won’t have to worry about where you placed these things. They will always be at the same place- in the safe.

    So, you store your jewelry in one location? Who was talking about jewelry though? Safes are not just for storing jewelry and money. Anything that you consider to be valuable can be stored in your safe.

  • It may lower your insurance rates

    This may not work for everyone so if you are buying a safe to lower your insurance payments, make sure you check it out first. However, there are insurance companies that will lower your rates because you have a safe in your home. Now sure how this makes sense? Well, here’s the breakdown.

    If you have a safe, your insurance company will consider your items as less risk to them. They really expect that you will be using the safe to store your valuables. If you do and you get robbed, your insurance claim should be low. Hence, lower payments to begin with. If you do not have a safe, your risk is higher so your payments will be higher. Want to lower your insurance? Get a safe!

  • Protection from fire, water and theft

    Safes are very protective. They are hard to crack if you’re not an expert and they are usually made of materials that make them hard to break into. In addition to this, some safes are waterproof, some are fireproof and some are both waterproof and fireproof. If you are interested in any safe with these features, let us know at Coral Gables Locksmith in Coral Gables, FL. We have safes in stock and we install and maintain them.